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Salary of the same developer in Eastern Europe
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Companies we've worked with


Companies we've worked with

150+ clients around the world
Access to a large, underrated market of hard-working tech talent
Salary expectations are 30-50% lower than in the UK, EU and USA (check here)
Candidates are listed immediately with their contact details (Messenger, Email, Phone, LinkedIn, GitHub)
Our talent is available immediately
Fit for your time zone and your mentality
Why 150+ UK and EU companies use our service
How it works
We have collected a database of English-speaking developers from Eastern Europe through a two-tier system of candidate analysis, using both automated chatbot candidate communication, backed up by manual candidate analysis. We've compiled a unique resume of their current stack, experience, and salary expectations.
Our chatbot automatically questions all candidates every 2 weeks to check on their availability. This allows us to keep our database up-to-date and distinguishes us from other coder and tech staffing platforms.
You only track those who are looking for work right now, or within your time frames.
New developers are added to the database every day.
You can compare each of our candidate's salary expectations on an easy-to-view table, where you can also see each candidate's stack experience and skills.
GitHub, LinkedIn, Personal Contacts - you will have access to candidates' work history and contact details for immediate integration.
From our side, you will be assisted by a professional IT recruiter from Eastern Europe. They will answer any questions and help you to connect to the candidate and build a relationship.
Through our database you will have access to:
Name, photo and current role
Main stack and experience in this stack
All the tools, frameworks, and libraries the talent has worked with
Salary expectations (minimal and expected)
English proficiency level
Location and time zone
Remote or open to relocation
GitHub link
LinkedIn link
Telegram username (the most popular messenger in Eastern Europe)
Phone number and Email (if the candidate has granted us access)
A soon-to-be-added feature: you will be able to specify your particular requirements and receive email notifications if a new developer suitable for your request is added to our database.

Interaction with your contractor

Developers will have knowledge of spoken and written English
Your developer will work directly with you, as well as with the rest of your team (via Agile/Scrum, Jira, Zoom, Slack, Git, etc.)
They work according to your time zone or with a difference of no more than 4 hours
You pay your developer directly, we do not manage his salary or payroll
Pay your contractor direct to the developer's Wise bank account and receive an invoice directly from the developer
You can also pay via Deel,, Fiverr, Upwork or other predetermined channels
Contract and organise NDAs directly with the developer
We will help you build and negotiate the right contract
We will do everything in our power to reduce paperwork and improve efficiency
In the current market we have struggled to find good candidates for our offshore locations. Since working with Coders Valley, they have not only supplied great candidates but have partnered with us in such a way that I view them as an extension of the internal recruitment team.

I look forward to building a strong relationship for the future.
Dan Taylor
Talent Manager at Juriba
We hired two Senior Engineers through Coders Valley and was impressed with the quality of the candidates and the speed in which they were found. All the candidates were shortlisted well so all had the right tech stack experience and could all communicate well enough to work effectively with a remote English speaking team.

Very happy with our two new team members and I would happily recommend Coders Valley.
Matt Rantell
CEO and Founder at The Square - Digitising Construction
Coders Valley are a professional and friendly team who were a fantastic support to us with sourcing a quality candidate to join our team as an Elixir Backend Developer.

As a small start up, it is very important to us to get the right people with the right skills and the right attitude. The successful candidate, who Coders Valley introduced to us, had the expertise and experience we were looking for and they have settled well into their role and into the team.
Krystian Zajac
Founder and Board Member at Hero Labs
After struggling with recruitment ourselves the team at Coders Valley provided us with quality candidates for the role. Our new staff member has settled into the role and is a valued member of our team.
Deanne Glennie
Director at Blue Cookie Limited
Very helpful - our vacancies filled quickly and with no fuss.
Simon Whittaker
Head of Production at NDP Studio
Good company who did a very thorough job.
Patrick Gompels
Director at Gompels
The Coders Valley team was very professional, helpful, and responsive, they helped us fill a Full Stack Engineer role.
Alena Lapukhova
Co-Founder & COO at TrustElevate

Feedback from engineers

Anton Khanabeev
Senior Back End Developer
Viktor Orlov
Senior Front End Developer
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