Help Eastern European
Software Engineers and Amazing UK Companies to Find Each Other

There is no need to create profiles and pass the tests unlike on other websites.
We already did a research based on your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles.

The only thing you have to do is join the interview with CTO and CEO of British company.
Conversional English Level is enough

In-company trainings

Employee stock options
100% Full-Time Remote Job within Flexible Work Schedule

Competitive Salary in Pounds (£) Directly to Your Account

Work Directly with UK Company, This Is not Outstaffing or Outsorcing
Only Modern Stacks & Technologies

Contracts from 12+ months

Product Development

Build Your Career Directly From Any Place

Interest in working remotely has surged during the COVID-19 up 460% and is lingering. The international companies are not afraid hiring offshore talents remotely, while the developers are able to work from the any place. The current situation gives a new possibilities for the professional and personal growths for Software Engineers.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the countries to give a possibility for the Eastern European developers and amazing tech startups from Great Britain to work directly with each other by avoiding outstaffing and outsourcing platforms and compliant the legal execution.
Developers now can join international startups with the appropriate corporate culture and attitude that place engineers firstly and build a product with the help of corporate investments that will be used by millions of people around the world.

The companies have an ultimate chance to hire incredible talents directly by themselves without reference to the city, country or nationality!

Companies We Are Working With

software engineers are successfully hired by UK companies

Industries We Are Specializing On

Direct Retail
Game Dev
Computer Vision
Self-Driving Cars
Big Data
companies trust us for their hiring services needs

How It Works

We know that English is not Native Language in the Eastern Europe that is why we are not afraid of accents
or grammatical mistakes. The most important fact is your ability to share your minds during the meetings with the team
Full-time job within flexible working hours
Zoom meetings 3 times a week in English
The system implies signing an independent contract. Therefore, developers won't need to deal with the work permits
Contract and organise NDAs directly with the developer. We only help in the search
Git for version control
Jira is for daily tasks management
Slack is for effective communication
The contract signed by the developer and British company directly
The company pays directly to the employee twice a month as individual's or sole-trader's bank account (via SWIFT), TransferWise, PayPal, Fiverr/Upwork, Crypto
The contract signed by the developer and British company directly
The contract signed by the developer and British company directly

Hiring Process

Short Introductory HR Interview

10-15 minutes
Learn more information about the
company and project's stack and tools.

Job Offer

Duration: 1-3 days
If the talent chosen interviews well, and is suitable for you, we then agree on a Job Offer with you and become the middle person between you and the candidate.
We help you organize the workflow with the developer: agreement and conclusion of the contract, onboarding, payment details, and so on.
Once you've hired your developer, our relationship is complete and a fee is paid.
Time to hire ≈ 3 weeks
The following figures are for an average recruitment sourcing project for a mid-weight software developer.
If the developer leaves before 100 days, or you fire him, we will find a free replacement.

Joint Interview with the CEO/CTO of the company

40-60 minutes
Tell more about yourself and your experience

If the talent chosen interviews well, and project is interesting for you, company send the Job Offer by e-mail

Job Offer


1-2 days
If Job Offer is accepted, the company requests bank and personal details and send the agreement.
1-3 days

Notice Period

1-2 weeks
We understand it might take more time to finish your tasks and close the deals in the previous workplace, that is why notice period is included in agreement, so that you can refresh and join the new workplace.

Welcome On A Board!

Meeting the new team and responsibilities during the onboarding period.
Software Engineers Reviews
Nikita Maximtsev
Senior FrontEnd Engineer in The Square - Digitising Construction
I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.
Karina Akhmet
Vy by znali kak eto slozhno
Vlad Dyubov
Senior BackEnd Engineer in GameFI INC.
You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.
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