Help IT companies
hire incredible English-speaking remote tech talents
from Eastern Europe

Save from £20k to £40k a year per talent*
*based on salary data from the and
Senior Developer salary in the UK/EU
Salary of the same developer in Eastern Europe
You save on every hire at this level for this role
Our flat fee

Companies we've worked with

Countries we've worked with: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine

Companies we've worked with

150+ clients around the world
2 days wait only for guaranteed CV's delivered
Flat fee for any role.
No hire - no fee.
100 days free replacement

7 years of hiring IT and Tech Talent

Hey! My name is Andrew, and I'm a professional IT recruiter. I've been hiring software engineers in Eastern Europe for more than 7 years, and I specialise in connecting IT companies with talented developers in our local tech market.
Andrew Shishkin
I've pivoted my skills to helping companies find tech talent remotely to help deal with the pressures of COVID-19, and throughout the Pandemic I've built a portfolio of 100+ new clients around the world, all of whom have understood the cost effectiveness of looking at a remote development team sourced from new, untapped talent markets.
CEO, co-founder Coders Valley
As a local recruiter with extensive connections in Ukraine, I understand what draws our local talent, and I know the mentality of developers here in Eastern Europe. Thousands of developers have passed through me in these 7 years and I keep in touch with the best of them, and, crucially, my network continues to grow as we step into a post-pandemic world. Book a call with me this week and find out how I can help source effective, cost effective remote tech talent for your company!

Why hiring from Eastern Europe is beneficial for IT Industry

Based on research from Glassdoor the average cost of self-hiring an IT developer in the UK/EU is £12,000, and it takes 27 days.
You will pay 1.5 - 2 times less for a full-time employee based in Eastern Europe,
Your developer will have a contemporary, market-proof and very high level of knowledge and technical skill; our talent market is incredibly hard working (sample CV),
All candidates are hired as contractors. Therefore, recruitment is flexible, you won't need a permit for work, and it will be easy for you to set realistic time-specific goals and part ways with your contractor with ease,
You don't need to pay NIC 13.8% and pension contribution for your contractor, because they have to pay them in their own country (3-7% in Eastern Europe) and all contracting work falls outside of IR35,
You will pay your contractor directly in Pounds Sterling or Euro via Wise (bank account, sort code), PayPal or Crypto.
Eastern Europe is a proven, excellent alternative to traditional outsourcing countries in the UK/EU, thanks to the high level of education for engineers, a large number of domestic IT, tech and startup companies, as well as first rate infrastructure (established quick internet, video communication, coworking and consulting cultural mirroring, etc.).
How is recruitment from Eastern Europe so cost effective? The salary level paid for services is bound to, and relates to, domestic need and cost of living. For example, renting a good apartment in the central part of an average Eastern European city will cost an average of £200 to £400 per calendar month. Because we understand domestic salary levels, expectations and market trends, your fee reflects the difference in cost.
This is not outstaffing
More profitable than outstaffing
Several times
Success Fee
No hire - no fee
Pay once
Pay your developer directly to the UK/EU bank account
One single fee for our service, and you work with your contractor for as long as you want
UK/EU agency fee (20%)
Our Success Fee (20%)
UK/EU agency fee (20%)
Senior Mobile Engineer
1st year - £52k Next - £44k a year
£47.000 pa
Annual salary
Pension contribution, Employers National Insurance
Eastern Europe
£17.000 pa
Annual Salary
(including local tax 3-7%)
Eastern Europe
£30.000 pa
Annual Salary
(including local tax 3-7%)
Our Flat Fee
£65.000 pa
Annual salary
Your savings:
1st year - £40k
Next - £36k a year
Your savings:
Pension contribution, Employers National Insurance
Senior UX/UI Designer

Tech talent's annual salary, £*

If we source and hire a small team of 6 tech talents (Front End, Back End, DevOps, UX/UI Designer, QA, Project Manager) for you, you will save approximately £121,000 each year.
A team of 20 tech talents will save an average of £387,000 each year.
£12k - £27k
Front End Engineer** (JavaScript, React, Next, Vue, Nuxt, Angular, TypeScript)
£43k - £48k
£27k - £30k
DevOps Engineer**
£40k - £43k
£55k - £60k
Java Developer**
Mobile Engineer** (Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Java, React Native, Xamarine)
£40k - £55k
£13k - £18k
Data Engineer**
£37k - £40k
£50k - £55k
Data Analyst**
Data Scientist**
£11k - £16k
QA (automation)**
£34k - £37k
£45k - £50k
£11k - £16k
QA (manual)**
£34k - £37k
£45k - £50k
Designer (UX/UI, Web, Graphic, Motion, 3D/2D, Video Editor)
Project Manager**
Product Manager
Scrum Master
Marketing Manager (Paid Media, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, SEO)
average salary, £
Eastern Europe
average salary, £
Your annual savings
per developer, £
Python Developer**
PHP Developer**
£43k - £48k
£37k - £46k
£13k - £28k
£34k - £40k
£11k - £15k
£30k - £40k
£10k - £25k
Go Developer**
£36k - £40k
**4-6 years of experience
£48k - £55k
£12k - £19k
Ruby Developer**
£37k - £43k
£13k - £23k
Node Developer**
£37k - £40k
£13k - £18k
£50k - £55k
C# Developer**
£37k - £40k
£13k - £18k
£50k - £65k
£45k - £55k
£60k -£70k
£50k - £55k
£50k - £60k
£12k - £27k
£60k - £70k

Our Process


Fill in the form and sign the contract (DocuSign)

Duration: 7 minutes
You sign a standard recruiter contract (no hire - no fee) with Coders Valley Ltd and send us your requirements.
We edit your vacancy for the specifics of the Eastern European market and start the search.

First Candidates

We add your hiring team (CEO, CTO, HR, Founders) to our online portal or connect to your current system.
You will receive your first 2-3 candidates within 2 working days.

Search for candidates and conduct interviews

Duration: 1-2 weeks
We search for candidates, conduct initial interviews and technical interviews.
We add suitable candidates to the Short List on our online portal. You can see our review of their CV, portfolio, and interview feedback.
You will receive another 7-10 candidates within 1-2 weeks (it depends on the complexity of the job).
We will organise a joint interview of your team with the candidates that you like.
If we don't find the perfect hire, our search continues!

Job Offer

Duration: 1 day
If the talent chosen interviews well, and is suitable for you, we then agree on a Job Offer with you and become the middle person between you and the candidate.
We help you organize the workflow with the developer: agreement and conclusion of the contract, onboarding, payment details, and so on.
Once you've hired your developer, our relationship is complete and a fee is paid.
400 CVs reviewed
120 sourced conversations / vetting
32 interviews (via video)
5 candidates taken to 2nd stage interviews or skills testing
1 candidate hired
Time to hire ≈ 1-2 weeks
The following figures are for an average recruitment sourcing project for a mid-weight software developer.
If the developer leaves before 100 days, or you fire him, we will find a free replacement.
See examples of CVs here and here.
Duration: 2 working days

We work in a team, directly with your HR and CTO

We don't replace your HR function, we augment it.
We only help your recruiting team to work more effectively in the local markets of Eastern Europe, and make your potential hiring net that much wider.
We work effectively with passive candidates: more than 50% of top developers do not post their resumes on recruitment sites.
We understand our market - our extensive network connections to both in-work, actively looking and post-graduate talent means we have access to a huge market across multiple countries.

Interaction with your contractor

Developers will have knowledge of spoken and written English
Your developer will work directly with you, as well as with the rest of your team (via Agile/Scrum, Jira, Zoom, Slack, Git, etc.)
They work according to your time zone or with a difference of no more than 4 hours
You pay your developer directly, we do not manage his salary or payroll
Pay your contractor in Pounds/Euro, direct to the developer's Wise (bank account, sort code) / PayPal / Crypto account, and receive an invoice (and other documents) directly from the developer
You can also pay via Deel,, Fiverr, Upwork or other predetermined channels
Contract and organise NDAs directly with the developer. We only help in the search
We will help you build and negotiate the right contract
We will do everything in our power to reduce paperwork and improve efficiency
We will provide the invoice and the contract. You pay our fee in GBP/USD/EUR to our UK bank account (Coders Valley Ltd)
Outsourced IT recruiter
If you are hiring permanently
£35 an hour
  • No placement fee
  • An outsourced IT recruiter from our team handles only your vacancies
  • Our account manager will arrange interviews and communicate with your team
  • Up to 8 vacancies per month (up to 2 vacancies per week)
  • 6-8 vetted candidates per week, ≈2-3 hires per month
Check out our recommendations on LinkedIn and TrustPilot
In the current market we have struggled to find good candidates for our offshore locations. Since working with Coders Valley, they have not only supplied great candidates but have partnered with us in such a way that I view them as an extension of the internal recruitment team.

I look forward to building a strong relationship for the future.
Dan Taylor
Talent Manager at Juriba
We hired two Senior Engineers through Coders Valley and was impressed with the quality of the candidates and the speed in which they were found. All the candidates were shortlisted well so all had the right tech stack experience and could all communicate well enough to work effectively with a remote English speaking team.

Very happy with our two new team members and I would happily recommend Coders Valley.
Matt Rantell
CEO and Founder at The Square - Digitising Construction
Coders Valley are a professional and friendly team who were a fantastic support to us with sourcing a quality candidate to join our team as an Elixir Backend Developer.

As a small start up, it is very important to us to get the right people with the right skills and the right attitude. The successful candidate, who Coders Valley introduced to us, had the expertise and experience we were looking for and they have settled well into their role and into the team.
Krystian Zajac
Founder and Board Member at Hero Labs
We hired Andrew to find us a strong backend developer. After trying to recruit in the UK and overseas for months, we couldn't find someone to match our criteria. As a company, we look for people with the right attitude, values, culture fit and skills. Coders Valley took the time to understand our requirements and budget. As we went along with a few interviews, he took the time to further fine tune the process and got us exactly the sort of person we were looking for.

I was quite impressed with the quick turnaround and we will be using services again!
Karuna Govind
CTO and Co-Founder at Coupay Limited
I would like to thank you and your team for making the process of hiring a full stack developer very easy and stress free! After struggling with recruitment ourselves the team at Coders Valley provided us with quality candidates for the role. Our new staff member has settled into the role and is a valued member of our team.

You have been the easiest recruitment company to work with that we have used to date. It has been a pleasure to work with your team and I will be back in touch when we need to recruit again!
Deanne Glennie
Director at Blue Cookie Limited
It has been a pleasure working with Andrew, Karina, Bella and the wider Coders Valley Team. The team helped us fill a Senior Software Developer role, and sourced several promising candidates - with one eventually going on to take the role.

The Coders Valley team are professional, diligent and responsive, and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking to make a hire from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus (or any other geographies they may expand to cover in the future).
Uriel Tannen
Co-founder at Furnish App
Very helpful - our vacancies filled quickly and with no fuss.
Simon Whittaker
Head of Production at NDP Studio
The hiring experience is fantastic, and the recruiters are detail minded and understand the requirement. The communication throughout has been excellent and very professional. So far we have many good hire from them and we are very happy with their services.
Leslie Cheung
Head of HR at
Good company who did a very thorough job.
Patrick Gompels
Director at Gompels
Working with Coders Valley is a pleasure! They are reliable and trustworthy, providing great candidates for our business.

They communicate in a timely fashion and are always professional.
I highly recommended working with them! Special thank you to Karina, who has been working with us for a long time and is doing a fantastic job!
Oskar Greda
Head of HR at MLabs
The Coders Valley team was very professional, helpful, and responsive, they helped us fill a Full Stack Engineer role.

Special shout out to Karina and Bella, thank you for all your patience and hard work! We would definitely use the service again.
Alena Lapukhova
Co-Founder & COO at TrustElevate
Found us some awesome developers!

Coders Valley team were great. They were always on it and very quickly found us a great pipeline of awesome developers. We ended up hiring an entire teams worth of developers from them!
Slava Kremerman
CEO at Zen Educate
Coders Valley have helped us find two developers so far. They were quick to understand what profile of person we were looking for and provided a regular flow of very relevant candidates for us to review and interview. They have been straightforward to work with and extremely responsive.
Matt Collins
CTO and Head of Product at Apply4 Technology

Feedback from engineers

Anton Khanabeev
Senior Back End Developer
Viktor Orlov
Senior Front End Developer
Our Team
Each of our recruiters has extensive experience in IT and Tech recruiting. We have a pool of invited experts to conduct technical interviews for challenging roles.
CEO, co-founder
Head of IT Recruitment, ex.CTO,
Chief Quality Officer
Team Lead
Director of Operations
Account Manager
Customer Service Executive
Managing Partner
Business Development Officer
Head of Sales
Senior IT Recruiter
Senior IT Recruiter
IT Recruiter
IT Recruiter
IT Recruiter
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