How does a US-based startup recruits strong software engineers
quickly (2 weeks) and 60% cheaper
Free webinar for Founders, CEOs, CTOs, HRs and Recruiters
October 13 | Thursday
5 pm – 5.30 pm PST
Zoom (online)
This webinar is perfect for
Frustrated but forward thinking companies who are tired of IT giants monopolising the tech recruitment market.
Tech recruiters who believe that developers in the market are asking for insane salaries.
Those HR teams who are finding their job ads are getting attention, but the quality of applicants is limited, or the job simply isn't reaching far enough.
Those for whom search of developers takes a lot of effort, time and money.
In this webinar you will learn
Why it is actually profitable to hire developers in Latin America
How much you can save through hiring from Brazil, Argentina and other countries
Which countries are the best to hire from in 2022 (and which ones should be avoided!)
Real time salary expectations of engineers in LatinAmerica (with stacks and grade analysis and CV examples)
A general overview of the English language proficiency of our network of developers
An in depth understanding of the working mentality of developers from Latin America
Top 5 talent sites where to look for remote developers right now
How to write a brilliant job description, unique to the Latin America
All the details around whether you need a work permit for your engaged talent, and how to legally sign a contract with a developer from Latin America
How to transfer payments to developers from 18 countries in GBP in literally a couple of minutes
Who should pay taxes, how much and in which country? Everything explained!
How to control the work of tech talent on the remote and protect your intellectual property
Webinar Host
Andrew Shishkin
CEO & Co-founder at Coders Valley
I'm a professional IT recruiter. I've been hiring software engineers in Latin America for more than 7 years, and I specialize in connecting US-based companies with talented developers in local tech market.

I've pivoted my skills to help companies find tech talent remotely to help deal with the pressures of COVID-19; throughout the Pandemic I've built a portfolio of 150+ new US-based clients, all of whom have understood the cost effectiveness of looking at a remote development team sourced from new, untapped talent markets.

In the current market we have struggled to find good candidates for our offshore locations. Since working with Coders Valley, they have not only supplied great candidates but have partnered with us in such a way that I view them as an extension of the internal recruitment team.

I look forward to building a strong relationship for the future.
Dan Taylor
Talent Manager at Juriba
We hired two Senior Engineers through Coders Valley and was impressed with the quality of the candidates and the speed in which they were found. All the candidates were shortlisted well so all had the right tech stack experience and could all communicate well enough to work effectively with a remote English speaking team.

Very happy with our two new team members and I would happily recommend Coders Valley.
Matt Rantell
CEO and Founder at The Square - Digitising Construction
Coders Valley are a professional and friendly team who were a fantastic support to us with sourcing a quality candidate to join our team as an Elixir Backend Developer.

As a small start up, it is very important to us to get the right people with the right skills and the right attitude. The successful candidate, who Coders Valley introduced to us, had the expertise and experience we were looking for and they have settled well into their role and into the team.
Krystian Zajac
Founder and Board Member at Hero Labs
We hired Andrew to find us a strong backend developer. After trying to recruit in the UK and overseas for months, we couldn't find someone to match our criteria. As a company, we look for people with the right attitude, values, culture fit and skills. Coders Valley took the time to understand our requirements and budget. As we went along with a few interviews, he took the time to further fine tune the process and got us exactly the sort of person we were looking for.

I was quite impressed with the quick turnaround and we will be using services again!
Karuna Govind
CTO and Co-Founder at Coupay Limited
I would like to thank you and your team for making the process of hiring a full stack developer very easy and stress free! After struggling with recruitment ourselves the team at Coders Valley provided us with quality candidates for the role. Our new staff member has settled into the role and is a valued member of our team.

You have been the easiest recruitment company to work with that we have used to date. It has been a pleasure to work with your team and I will be back in touch when we need to recruit again!
Deanne Glennie
Director at Blue Cookie Limited
It has been a pleasure working with Andrew, Karina, Bella and the wider Coders Valley Team. The team helped us fill a Senior Software Developer role, and sourced several promising candidates - with one eventually going on to take the role.

The Coders Valley team are professional, diligent and responsive, and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking to make a hire from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus (or any other geographies they may expand to cover in the future).
Uriel Tannen
Co-founder at Furnish App
Very helpful - our vacancies filled quickly and with no fuss.
Simon Whittaker
Head of Production at NDP Studio
The hiring experience is fantastic, and the recruiters are detail minded and understand the requirement. The communication throughout has been excellent and very professional. So far we have many good hire from them and we are very happy with their services.
Leslie Cheung
Head of HR at
Good company who did a very thorough job.
Patrick Gompels
Director at Gompels
Working with Coders Valley is a pleasure! They are reliable and trustworthy, providing great candidates for our business.

They communicate in a timely fashion and are always professional.
I highly recommended working with them! Special thank you to Karina, who has been working with us for a long time and is doing a fantastic job!
Oskar Greda
Head of HR at MLabs
The Coders Valley team was very professional, helpful, and responsive, they helped us fill a Full Stack Engineer role.

Special shout out to Karina and Bella, thank you for all your patience and hard work! We would definitely use the service again.
Alena Lapukhova
Co-Founder & COO at TrustElevate
Found us some awesome developers!

Coders Valley team were great. They were always on it and very quickly found us a great pipeline of awesome developers. We ended up hiring an entire teams worth of developers from them!
Slava Kremerman
CEO at Zen Educate
Coders Valley have helped us find two developers so far. They were quick to understand what profile of person we were looking for and provided a regular flow of very relevant candidates for us to review and interview. They have been straightforward to work with and extremely responsive.
Matt Collins
CTO and Head of Product at Apply4 Technology
Good service - we were given a lot of options and found a fantastic new team member. Very happy but maybe a bit more pre-vetting and it would be a 5 star review.
Jan Heuff
CEO at SpaceForm Technologies
We are a startup business and needed to expand our coding team. We researched and decided to try Coders Valley.

The service was superb, from clear understanding of our needs, to excellent screening of candidates including a detailed write-up that included CV info but also recruiter notes, and even better recordings of the candidates speaking (in English) about technical issues they'd faced.

They facilitated the interviews, but were also okay with me doing so as I kept them informed so they knew i wasn't doing anything dodgy to them. They also had no problem with me giving an online tech test to candidates.

Lastly, at close, they were able to help with contract, by giving me a contract template that was suitable for the local jurisdiction in which I was hiring. They're not lawyers per se, so couldn't offer a guarantee of contract compliance, but for our business as a startup it was a great help and enough for us.

Can't recommend them enough.
Alistair Baillie
COO & Co-Founder at Ship Shape
Coders Valley understood our requirement and presented suitable candidates from the start. Of the 6 candidates we interviewed only a couple fell a little short on the experiences we need but the rest were all really good applicants, and we're extremely happy with the candidate we selected.
Nick Evans
COO at Lockular
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