Brazil & Argentina: Tech Havens for Hiring Nearshore Talent

Consider this scenario —

A startup tech company is looking for ways to enter a competitive market, and they're searching for software developers to help scale their business. But when it comes time to hire, salary demands are too high and would effectively consume nearly all the company's resources.
Sound familiar? Then you're in the right place.

The solution is simple — hire nearshore talent. When you're ready to start your search, Brazil and Argentina should be at the top of your list.

Brazil and Argentina are both countries that have thriving tech industries, and they are home to some of the best tech industry professionals in Latin America. Big tech companies have been covertly shifting their talent search to these countries for years, and you should, too.

Brazil is a LatAm Tech Giant

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, and it has the continent's largest economy. The country hosts a population of 215 million and boasts a GDP of $1.4 trillion – the highest in Latin America — so it's no surprise that the country is a tech giant. In fact, Brazil is home to some of the most innovative startups in LatAm.

Some of the notable tech startups that call Brazil home include:

Nubank: A digital bank that has over 30 million customers.
Movile: A mobile commerce company that owns several popular brands, such as iFood and PlayKids.
Gympass: A gym membership company gone global.

It is also home to several branches of the world's leading tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and BIX Technology.

Not only is Brazil the largest economy in Latin America, but it is also home to some of the best developers in the region. Brazil is consistently ranked in the top 40 countries for software development talent in the world.

There are many reasons Brazil is such a great place to find talented developers.
First, the country has a large population of potential talent – nearly 70% of the population is of working age. As the demand for tech talent continues to drive the workforce, many of Brazil's workers are receiving tech-related degrees from notable universities like the University of São Paulo and pursuing jobs in the tech industry.

Second, Brazil offers affordable alternatives when it comes to developer salaries. According to PayScale, the average salary for a software developer in Brazil is $18,000 per year. This is significantly lower than the average salary in the United States, where most software developers can expect six figures.

Brazil has become known as home to several accelerators and incubators in recent years. As a result, Brazilian developers are known for their strong technical skills, innovative mindsets, and passionate work ethic.

Argentina is A Hidden Gem for Tech Talent

If you're looking for a hidden gem when it comes to tech talent, look no further than Argentina. The country is home to many world-class developers, and its capital city of Buenos Aires is considered the Silicon Valley of Latin America.

The country has a population of 45 million and a GDP of $383 billion – the third highest in Latin America. Argentina is home to several leading tech companies, such as MercadoLibre,, and Globant. These companies are attracting top talent from around the world, and they are helping to put Argentina on the map as a leading destination for tech talent.

Like Brazil, Argentina has a large population of young people – nearly 60% of the population is of working age. Its population makes it an attractive destination for companies looking to hire nearshore talent. The average salary for a software developer in Argentina is an estimated $13,000 per year.

Argentina is another excellent option for companies looking to hire nearshore talent. The country has a large pool of highly skilled developers — nearly 120,000, to be exact. In addition, Argentinian developers are known for their strong analytical skills and creativity.

Advantages of Hiring in Brazil and Argentina

Both Brazil and Argentina offer a number of advantages for companies looking to hire nearshore talent. These countries have thriving tech industries, and they are home to some of the best developers in Latin America. In addition, both Brazil and Argentina offer several accelerators and incubators to help startups grow their businesses.

Some additional advantages of hiring nearshore talent from Brazil or Argentina include:

1. Increased Efficiency

Hiring a nearshore team can help your company become more efficient. Nearshore teams are typically more familiar with your time zone and culture, which can help reduce miscommunication and improve project coordination.

2. Cost Savings

Hiring a nearshore team can also help your company save money. Developers in Brazil and Argentina typically charge lower hourly rates than their counterparts in the United States and Europe.

3. Access to a Global Talent Pool

Hiring a nearshore team gives your company access to a global talent pool. Brazil and Argentina are home to a vast array of cultures and ethnicities, allowing you to tap into a wealth of diverse skills and perspectives.

If your company is looking for an affordable, efficient, and creative nearshore team, Brazil or Argentina may be the perfect option. Contact us today to learn more about our nearshore recruitment services. We can help you find just the right team for your project.